Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Only Working Club Penguin Trainer!

A quick INTRO: Hello Penguins.  If you are a big club penguin fan, you have probably heard about trainers in the past. Trainers are a program that allows access to club penguin, while modifying aspects of the game, cheats and hacks that cannot be done in any other way. Trainers made Club Penguin a whole lot more fun for everyone. Unfortunately, Disney was not happy with these trainers and patched Club Penguin like crazy, blocking all the awesome hacks and programs from working. Well, almost all. 

How did we do it?
Me and my team had the "CP Blizzard" software before it was removed completely from the internet, that was the most popular Club Penguin trainer at the time. We managed to find a major loop hole in Club Penguin's system, entirely by pure luck. We modified the program to make it work, and it did. This process took 6 months in it's entirety, but it was damn worth it. I present to you the only working Club Penguin trainer on the web! I would like to thank my team 'lilygirl45', 'snoopydoggy' and 'sonyz' for all the great help in this project. The trainer contains all the features and functions of the original CP Blizzard, not more or less.

Where can you get it?
We have uploaded the trainer for download. And guess what penguins? It is completely free. And safe, you can count on us. It is the exact same CP Blizzard as you knew, no viruses or scams, we are completely serious. Only thing that changed is the new patch that accesses the big Club Penguin system weakness.

More information?
Check out the other pages, you will be able to find a list of all the awesome features this trainer offers, and an address where you can contact our team if you have any questions or concerns. We will always make sure to answer within 24 hours. 

So what are you waiting for! 

Installation Guide:

Here is how to install our CP Blizzard:
1. Click on the download link above or click here.
2. Download the file.
3. Go through the installation process by clicking next and agreeing to the terms.
4. Run the CP Blizzard file.

Thank you, and if you guys have any problems or anything, please contact our team.